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BUENO SUENOS is a family owned company. We have a small development here in Costa Rica in a very small town called Rio Piedras, located on the lake Arenal about 15 minutes outside the town of TIlaran, Guanacaste. The area has much to offer, including fantastic lake and volcano views, private lots with all the amenities and infrastructure. There is plenty of wildlife too, especially toucans. We own two horses ourselves, and enjoy riding through the fields, forests and trails around our house. Conveniently located an equal 15 minute distance from either the town of Tilaran, or the Town of Arenal, yet pleasantly set off the main road to give a real out-in-the-country feel. We have Lake and Volcano view lots and custom homes for sale and rent. For more info see our website at http://lakearenalrealestate.webs.com

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bueno Suenos is now spreading out across Central America. We are still building here at the Lake Arenal, putting up a new spec home on our lot #5, the roof should be framed this week. We just had an earthquake very near us in the town of Nicoya that was a 7.9 I believe, We were worried that our walls might fall since the building is still under construction and not tied together completely yet, but thankfully no walls fell and no damage was done. Now we have seen the proof that our building methods and engineering our up to the task of handling earthquakes. We are also building in Panama, putting up a restaurant for the surf/SUP resort we plan to open in 2013. We are about to start roofing there too, and also figuring out how to bring in the electrical to our area. We have about 2 kilometers that need posts and electrical cable, but we also have a growing community in our little area and people seem interested to pitch in and get it done.
Here is a link to our new website for the resort:

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